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A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.
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While the primary focus is the Norwood and French lineage, information is included on related families as well. Except for a few stories that had been passed down, there was no record of the individuals that made up these families. This work is the result of years of research starting in 1998 with Thomas Jefferson Norwood. In the beginning, the goal was to establish when the families arrived and where they came from. These individuals that settled West Tennessee, particularly Carroll and Benton County, arrived about the same time, but came by different routes. Their migration brought them from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. While researching the when and where, many events were discovered that detailed their activities. These events span over 250 years and include members that fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and the Civil War. These families also acquired land, established settlements, started churches, and formed counties. Not everything found was positive though. There are accounts of families suing each other, owning slaves, fathers disinheriting sons and families divided during the Civil War. While these latter events may not show their best side, it is still part of the history and make up of these families.

Research by Ronald D. Norwood and Gary L. Norwood
From Civil, Military, Church, and Family Records
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