A Family History
A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.

Lastest Additions and Updates


Given NameBornDied
Martha Ann 17 Feb 1836-Harrington County Indiana 25 Apr 1930-Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Rev. Joseph 1800-Tyrell County North Carolina  


Given NameBornDied
Ronald E. 18 Jan 1952-East Brunswick Township, Middlesex, New Jersey 26 Dec 2008-


Given NameBornDied
Buela Floy 28 Jun 1888-Tennessee 22 Nov 1958-Memphis Tennessee
Cora Ann 21 Sep 1868-Tennessee 20 Jul 1941-Carroll County Tennessee
Emma Emily 7 Sep 1866-Tennessee 7 Jul 1923-Carroll County Tennessee
Ethel Lezo 28 Aug 1877-Tennessee 13 Apr 1953-Madison County Tennessee
Etta May 4 Mar 1881-Tennessee 13 May 1934-Trezevant Carroll County Tennessee
Francis (Frankey) Abt 1830-Tennessee Abt 1863-
Hutson Abt 1799-North Carolina  
Iza L. 14 Jan 1879-Tennessee 14 Jun 1944-Memphis Tennessee
James 6 Dec 1844-Carroll County Tennessee 28 Sep 1937-Carroll County Tennessee
Jarrett 28 Jul 1814-North Carolina 28 Aug 1899-
Jimmie Lee 1 Jan 1911-Tennessee 22 Nov 1983-Nashville Tennessee
Lillian 16 Aug 1901-Carroll County Tennessee 7 Oct 1990-
Mary Ann 18 Jul 1821-North Carolina 16 Apr 1902-Tennessee
Mary E. 12 Jan 1835-Tennessee 6 May 1936-Carroll County Tennessee
Minti S. Abt 1871-Tennessee  
Quincy 21 Sep 1892-Tennessee 28 Oct 1975-
Rosella Abt 1874-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Anna M.    


Given NameBornDied
Agnes S. 18 Mar 1926-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee 9 Oct 2006-
Billy S.   Aft 1953-
Gennettie 25 Nov 1929-Tennessee 29 Jan 1930-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee
Richard Bernice 13 May 1902-Tennessee 17 Sep 1970-Decatur County Tennessee
Richard Finis 2 Apr 1925-Tennessee 20 Aug 1991-


Given NameBornDied
Arthur Oliver 2 Aug 1881-Benton County Tennessee 28 Oct 1940-Madison County Tennessee
Charles Clarence 6 Aug 1894-Tennessee 5 Jan 1962-
Chester 1907-Tennessee 16 Nov 1975-Madison County Tennessee
Kate 28 Dec 1911-Tennessee 5 Dec 1984-Gibson County Tennessee
Rebecca Jane 30 Nov 1880- 29 Jan 1946-
Rosena Florence 4 Sep 1870-Tennessee 18 Apr 1951-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee
Tabitha Sophronia 1 Jun 1856-Tennessee 16 Apr 1931-Westport, Carroll County Tennessee
William B. 1846-Carroll County, Tennessee 4 Mar 1911-Westport, Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
George Albert 26 Jun 1876-Carroll County Tennessee 23 Aug 1945-Westport, Carroll County Tennessee
James Wiley 16 Aug 1844-Carroll County Tennessee 21 Jun 1920-Carroll County Tennessee
Martha Jane 24 Jul 1871-Tennessee 16 Apr 1957-Carroll County Tennessee
Richard 1800-South Carolina  


Given NameBornDied
Berdean Abt 1941-  
Eliza E.    


Given NameBornDied
Bruce S. Abt 1919-Lowell Massachusetts 9 Feb 1983-New Jersey


Given NameBornDied
Amanda T. Jun 1843-Tennessee 13 Sep 1910-Bentonville Arkansas
Atha 1906-Tennessee  
Elemuel Elmer 10 Dec 1903-Tennessee  
Eula Eron 12 Feb 1902-Benton County Tennessee  
George W. 1846-Tennessee  
James 7 Feb 1847- 9 Mar 1919-Nashville Tennessee
James Arzo 27 Sep 1875-Carroll County Tennessee 13 Mar 1940-Benton County Tennessee
Riley Mattison 15 Aug 1865-Carroll County Tennessee 4 May 1941-Graves County Kentucky
William Preston 11 Mar 1863-Huntingdon Tennessee 2 May 1942-Pulaski County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Granville 1837-Tennessee Aft 1880-


Given NameBornDied
Rebecca Abt 1842-Alabama  


Given NameBornDied
George 1870- 1957-
James 9 Oct 1756-Culpeper County Virginia 1835-Williamson County Tennessee
Wayne Abt 1909-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Allie E. 1862-Tennessee  
Malinda E. 28 Jun 1854-Tennessee 14 Mar 1923-

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