A Family History
A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.

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Given NameBornDied
Donnie 6 Mar 1870- 10 Jul 1895-
Georgia Ann May 1891-Tennessee 1980-
James Albert 20 Sep 1871- 2 Nov 1940-
James Wesley 9 Oct 1869-Benton County Tennessee 28 Mar 1953-Carroll County Tennessee
Lilie P. Dec 1894-Tennessee  
Otis 29 Oct 1908-Carroll County Tennessee 1973-
Porter H. 1912-Tennessee  
Robert T. Jun 1897-Tennessee  
Tessie L. 1901-Tennessee  
William Charlie 11 Oct 1883-Tennessee 18 Jun 1953-Huntingdon Tennessee
William Cullie 18 Aug 1850-Tennessee 13 Apr 1915-Westport, Carroll County Tennessee
William F. 1906-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Luby C.    


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Sarah D. 1845-Mississippi 1904-


Given NameBornDied
Ann Eliza Apr 1842-Alabama Aft 1900-


Given NameBornDied
George W.   Bet 1878 and 1880-


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Benjamin Harrison 30 May 1889-Eureka Springs Arkansas 8 Apr 1969-Stark County North Dakota
Edward W. 3 Apr 1878- Aft 1930-
Ema Jean 19 Aug 1905-Oklahoma 4 Jan 1969-Tucson, Arizona
Frank Wallace 18 Sep 1875-Illinois 6 Aug 1962-Arkansas
Harry Washington 15 Dec 1882-Eureka Springs Arkansas 14 Oct 1919-Eureka Springs Arkansas
Howard 8 Apr 1874- 15 Nov 1874-
Howard Leslie 12 Apr 1911-Hugo, Oklahoma Jul 1987-Rogers Arkansas
Howard Leslie 24 May 1930-Fort Smith Arkansas 22 Oct 1994-Dyersburg Tennessee
Jesse J. 30 Apr 1892-Eureka Springs Arkansas 5 Dec 1914-Eureka Springs Arkansas
John E. Abt 1870-  
Mary Myrtle 21 Oct 1884- 13 Feb 1899-
Oswald John 19 Jul 1839-Ersingen Germany 16 Jan 1878-Seneca Missouri
Paul Hugo 6 Jul 1908-Hugo, Oklahoma 18 Jan 2002-California
Rebecca 27 May 1868- 1 Apr 1869-
Robert Walter 13 Feb 1872- 28 May 1901-Eureka Springs Arkansas


Given NameBornDied
Arthur Hoyt 17 Mar 1875-New Jersey 26 Feb 1927-Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


Given NameBornDied
Carroll Robert    


Given NameBornDied
Margaret E. 1848-Ohio 27 Feb 1918-Bolivar Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Alma Jewel 25 Apr 1923- 9 Feb 2010-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Anna Jane    
Charity Abt 1816-Tennessee  
David 1785-North Carolina 28 Nov 1859-Henry County Tennessee
Elizabeth 27 Oct 1808-Kentucky 24 Feb 1877-Carroll County Tennessee
Frances Abt 1821-Alabama  
Mary Abt 1818-Tennessee  
Sarah Abt 1815-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Anna 1828-Pennsylvania 1894-


Given NameBornDied
Frank Howard Abt 1842-Michigan 19 Mar 1925-Dyersburg Tennessee
William Wilson 12 Jul 1874-Dyersburg Tennessee 12 Sep 1946-Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan


Given NameBornDied
James H. Abt 1827-Tennessee  
Martha A. Abt 1823-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Cordelia 6 Jan 1904-Tennessee 26 Mar 1966-Shelby County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
William Munford 31 Jul 1900- 15 Jun 1943-


Given NameBornDied
Agnes Abt 1920-Rhode Island  
Alice Abt 1927-Rhode Island  
Annie Abt 1917-Rhode Island  
Anthony Dennis 9 Oct 1922-Middletown, Rhode Island 19 Oct 1997-
Antone Deniz 9 Apr 1883-Säao Jorge (St. George), Azores 28 Nov 1976-Middleton, Rhode Island
Arthur Dennis 21 Dec 1908-Middleton, Rhode Island 19 May 1979-
Ida Abt 1913-Rhode Island  
Jose D. Abt 1856-Säao Jorge (St. George), Azores Aft 1925-
Madeline Abt 1915-Rhode Island  
Manuel D. Abt 1907-Rhode Island  
Manuel Deniz 12 Apr 1896-Säao Jorge (St. George), Azores 15 Apr 1977-Newport Rhode Island
Margaret Abt 1912-Rhode Island  
Margery 16 May 1940-Fall River, Massachusetts 10 Nov 2012-Portland Maine
Mary S. Abt 1906-Rhode Island  
Rosa Abt 1910-Rhode Island  


Given NameBornDied
Edward Joseph 5 Jun 1914-Bristol, Rhode Island 26 Jan 1975-
Thomas Jefferson    


Given NameBornDied
Mary Pauline 6 Jun 1918- 6 Jun 2008-Corinth, Mississippi


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Edith Bishop 1901- 1990-


Given NameBornDied
Caroline Emma 24 Apr 1875-Tennessee 14 Jan 1938-Henry County Tennessee
David Haney 3 Dec 1872-Tennessee 10 Apr 1958-Paris Henry County Tennessee
Elizabeth Abt 1824-Tennessee  
Emily Elizabeth 1810-North Carolina  
Frances 28 Jan 1922- 21 Jul 2013-
Frances A. (Fannie) 6 Jan 1865-Tennessee 25 Nov 1933-Henry County Tennessee
Frances Paralee 28 Nov 1855-Tennessee 12 Feb 1937-Madison, Davidson County, Tennessee
G. Thomas 14 Jul 1850-Tennessee 5 Jan 1914-Tipton County Tennessee
Garvin Eddie 20 Aug 1879-Tennessee 20 Jan 1939-Henry County Tennessee
Greta 14 Dec 1933-Georgia  
Henry L.    
Henry Luther 4 Sep 1877-Tennessee 14 Feb 1966-Paris Henry County Tennessee
John D. Abt 1825-Alabama  
Joseph Calvin 2 May 1882-Tennessee 31 May 1953-Henry County Tennessee
Joseph H. 7 Mar 1842-Henry County Tennessee 17 Mar 1882-Carroll County Tennessee
Leland H. Abt 1917-  
Lewanna Pearl    
Martha C. Abt 1867-Tennessee  
Mary 26 Jul 1859-Tennessee 17 Nov 1861-
Mattie Jun 1865-Henry County Tennessee  
Sam J. 3 Nov 1865-Benton County Tennessee 7 Feb 1919-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Samuel Parham Abt 1873-Georgia 4 Jan 1940-Atlanta Georgia
Sarah Elizabeth    
Sophia E. 14 Dec 1839-McNairy County Tennessee 25 Jan 1935-Pecos, Texas
Thomas G. Abt 1871-Tennessee  
Vera 1912- 1994-


Given NameBornDied
A. J. Abt 1860-Tennessee  
Ada Paralee 13 Jul 1884-Carroll County Tennessee 29 Jun 1963-Carroll County Tennessee
Albert Hawkins 22 Sep 1895-Tennessee 8 Jul 1994-Tennessee
Alva Lloyd 7 Jul 1919-Benton County Tennessee 20 Dec 2009-
Alvada Pricilla 1903-Tennessee 13 Jan 1988-Benton County Tennessee
Ava Florence 13 Nov 1914-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 6 Nov 2001-
Bennie Hooper 17 Dec 1915-Tennessee 29 Oct 1986-
Beulah Ethel 9 Sep 1901-Benton County Tennessee 4 Sep 1985-Bruceton, Tennessee
Buford Lee 18 Aug 1907-Benton County Tennessee 5 Dec 1984-Benton County Tennessee
Connie Bulis 27 Aug 1910-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 10 Feb 2001-
Connie H. 5 May 1902-Tennessee 29 Apr 1978-Benton County Tennessee
David L. Abt 1871-Illinois  
David P. Abt 1838-Tennessee  
Deis S. Jan 1888-Tennessee  
Delmer Rass 17 Dec 1912-Westport, Carroll County Tennessee 1970-
Earnest Hawkins 3 May 1879-Benton County Tennessee 1 Jun 1951-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Elah 15 Dec 1915- 22 Oct 1996-
Elbert Hawkins 3 May 1895-Benton County, Tennessee 26 Jul 1961-Memphis Tennessee
Eleanor Abt 1875-Illinois  
Eli 22 Mar 1840-Tennessee 18 Dec 1929-Stoddard County Missouri
Elizabeth J. Abt 1834-Tennessee  
Emma Elizabeth May 1877-Benton County Illinois 28 Sep 1949-Bakersfield, California
Emma J. Dosha 27 May 1889-Missouri 12 Jun 1911-Stoddard County Missouri
Eulon Lee 9 Jan 1905-Benton County Tennessee 28 Dec 1980-
Florence L. Abt 1873-Illinois  
Francis Jordan 7 Aug 1846-Tennessee 18 Jan 1929-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee
Frank Harrison 15 Dec 1889-Tennessee 11 Dec 1965-Phoenix, Arizona
Fred Register 12 Aug 1922-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 10 Feb 2002-
Gilbert Ray 14 Apr 1913-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 2 Apr 1998-
Green Berry 1 May 1826-Tennessee 7 Apr 1856-Carroll County Tennessee
Hoyte Eugene 14 Apr 1935-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee 28 Sep 1980-Jackson , Mississippi
Hubert O. 3 May 1905-Tennessee 1 Jul 1974-Orange County Florida
Ila 30 Jan 1909-Tennessee 6 Jan 1985-Milan, Gibson County Tennessee
Irvin Register 23 Aug 1882-Tennessee Apr 1967-Orange County Florida
Isa D. Abt 1878-Illinois  
Iva Mae 3 Jun 1909-Tennessee 23 Apr 2000-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Jacob 1788-North Carolina 1864-
Jacob 1829-Tennessee 1854-1860-
Jacob Franklin 1856-Tennessee Abt 1897-Missouri
Jacob Franklin 14 Jul 1881-Missouri 17 Aug 1931-Dunklin, Missouri
Jacob R. 1852-Tennessee  
James E. 22 Dec 1887-Tennessee 7 Jul 1933-Carroll County Tennessee
James Franklin 22 Sep 1837-Carroll County Tennessee 10 Jan 1916-
James Harrison 27 May 1888-Tennessee 13 Dec 1977-Benton County Tennessee
James Hershell 31 Aug 1922- 25 May 1995-
James Logan 3 May 1887-Tennessee 18 Oct 1974-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Jesse Lowry Abt 1848-Tennessee 1891-
Joel Lowery 10 May 1886-Illinois 2 Sep 1964-Huntingdon Tennessee
John Franklin 9 Jan 1890-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee 21 Oct 1964-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
John G. Abt 1878-Missouri Bef 1897-
John G. 4 Feb 1852-Carroll County Tennessee 16 Jan 1941-Hurst, Williamson County, Illinois
John Green 1853-Tennessee 15 Feb 1923-Benton County Tennessee
Johnnie Hobert 27 Jul 1897-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 2 Nov 1976-Tarrant County Texas
Kirg 11 Jan 1886-Tennessee 13 Nov 1952-Nashville Tennessee
La Floyd 24 May 1912-Benton County Tennessee 1 Jun 2002-
Laura Elizabeth 6 Dec 1886-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee 12 Jun 1939-Mansfield, Henry County, Tennessee
Lelar Florence 11 Dec 1883-Tennessee 14 Jul 1965-Woodlawn, Tennessee
Lillie Mae 22 Feb 1901-Benton County Tennessee 5 May 1989-Lexington Tennessee
Lonie J. Abt 1904-Tennessee  
Lura D. 11 Oct 1906-Tennessee 10 Feb 1999-Huntingdon Tennessee
M. Edna 23 Sep 1891-Missouri 31 Mar 1901-
Martha J. 22 Nov 1856- 5 Mar 1861-
Martha J. 16 Sep 1874-Tennessee 18 Jan 1964-
Martha Lee 13 May 1882-Tennessee 30 May 1960-
Martha P. Abt 1879-Tennessee  
Martha Sue 28 Jul 1934-Tennessee  
Martin L. Abt 1869-Tennessee  
Marvin 7 Aug 1899-Tennessee 8 Feb 1977-Jackson , Mississippi
Mary (Polly) Ann 8 Nov 1847-Tennessee 17 Feb 1944-Benton County Tennessee
Mary Francis 1854-Tennessee  
Mary J. Abt 1876-Tennessee  
Mary Luvinnie 6 Dec 1893-Benton County Tennessee  
Mary Malissa 24 Feb 1872-Tennessee 30 Sep 1934-Carroll County Tennessee
Millard 18 Aug 1913-Tennessee 24 Aug 1997-Benton County Tennessee
Minnie 7 Aug 1891-Tennessee Aug 1980-
Nancy C. 1850-Tennessee  
Nancy C. 19 Oct 1827-Tennessee 7 May 1909-
Nancy C. 2 Jun 1869-Tennessee 28 Oct 1950-Humboldt, Gibson County Tennessee
Nancy Caroline 5 Oct 1849-Tennessee 16 Sep 1934-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee
Nancy Viola 8 Jun 1884-Missouri 3 Apr 1915-Stoddard County Missouri
Nevil 26 Aug 1918-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee 17 Apr 2003-Huntingdon Tennessee
Otis 21 Jul 1925- 21 Feb 1977-
Pearl Mae 16 Aug 1897-Benton County Tennessee 13 Jul 1954-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Raz W. Sep 1877-Tennessee Aft 1900-
Rebecca   Bef 1868-
Rebecca C. Abt 1844-Tennessee  
Robert 3 Apr 1866-Tennessee 20 Mar 1889-
Robert Franklin 6 Dec 1878-Tennessee 9 Apr 1957-Paris Henry County Tennessee
Sarah (Sallie) F. Mar 1888-Tennessee  
Sarah E. Abt 1862-Tennessee  
Sarah Elizabeth 16 Jul 1879-Benton County Tennessee 10 Apr 1942-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee
Susan E. Abt 1840-Tennessee  
Suzanne Abt 1815- Abt 1844-
Thomas Eldon 25 Feb 1921-Benton County Tennessee 9 Jun 2005-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee
Thomas Green 24 Dec 1871-Tennessee 17 May 1946-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee
Thomas Green 1 May 1920-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 8 Mar 1962-Orlando Florida
Thomas Jordan 20 Nov 1871-Tennessee 8 Aug 1956-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Unnamed 4 Mar 1920-Benton County Tennessee 4 Mar 1920-Benton County Tennessee
Vernon Aldon 2 Apr 1917- 22 Jan 1966-Bruceton, Tennessee
Viva G. 22 Oct 1909- 3 Jun 2006-
Viva May 28 Oct 1909-Tennessee 8 Jul 1982-Orange County Florida
Welleby W. Abt 1874-Tennessee  
William 23 Mar 1809-Tennessee 23 Mar 1882-
William Franklin 1849-Tennessee  
William G. Abt 1858-Tennessee  
William H. May 1893-Tennessee  
William J. Abt 1837-Tennessee  
William Miles 13 Mar 1882-Logan, Illinois 11 Nov 1970-
William Wheeler 25 Sep 1876-Tennessee 17 Jul 1964-
Wilma Louise 26 Jun 1928-Tennessee 16 Jan 2015-Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee
Z. Taylor 23 Jun 1851-Tennessee 3 Feb 1907-
Zadok Abt 1812-Tennessee 1864-


Given NameBornDied
Margaret C. Sep 1836-Indiana 14 Sep 1909-Johnson City Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Marie Catherine 20 Oct 1852-Tennessee 3 Jun 1940-Nashville, Davidson County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Daniel Norwood 6 Jun 1836-Troup County Georgia 18 Apr 1893-
George A. 18 Nov 1853- 27 Aug 1931-Fulton County Georgia
John A. 13 Nov 1833- 8 Nov 1879-Clifton Springs, New York
Sara Elizabeth 31 Dec 1850- 9 Feb 1920-
William Alexander 10 Oct 1810- 24 Dec 1862-
William J. 27 Dec 1846- 29 Dec 1931-Fulton County Georgia


Given NameBornDied
Gideon Haskell 25 Oct 1887-Carroll County Tennessee 4 Sep 1964-


Given NameBornDied
Ebenezer H. 1816- 1896-


Given NameBornDied
Margaret C. Abt 1844-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Ann 1830-Indiana  
Daniel 3 Feb 1824-Greensburg, Indiana 25 Feb 1892-
John H. 26 Oct 1826- 18 Sep 1893-
Martha J. 1837-Indiana 29 Feb 1892-Johnson City Tennessee
Silas 1796-Pennsylvania 17 Feb 1871-


Given NameBornDied
Gladys Mae 1907-Tennessee 4 Dec 1989-Benton County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Britney 23 Jul ?-Red Bank, New Jersey  


Given NameBornDied
Ray W. 1 Sep 1888-Pennsylvania 16 Mar 1948-Pennsylvania
Robert William Samuel 12 Jun 1912-Flint Michigan 18 Nov 1943-


Given NameBornDied
Francis M. 6 Jul 1826-Carroll County Tennessee 25 Dec 1910-
Sarah E. 26 Aug 1858-Carroll County Tennessee 24 Jan 1936-Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Marjorie Louise 9 May 1922-Obion County Tennessee 15 Jul 1998-Union City Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Phillipa 21 May 1726- 1814-Vermont
Sarah 22 Nov 1744-Norwich, Connecticut 11 Oct 1842-Bennington, Vermont


Given NameBornDied
Francis A. Abt 1846- 3 Mar 1946-


Given NameBornDied
Malinda 1820-Tennessee Bet 1856 and 1858-Tennessee
S. J. 1840-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Billy Abt 1929-Tennessee  
Clyde F. Abt 1901-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Floyd 16 Nov 1896- 7 Oct 1973-


Given NameBornDied
Mary Gladys 26 Jan 1936- 26 Nov 2014-


Given NameBornDied
James Abt 1880-New York 29 Nov 1922-Central Islip, New York
Kathleen 2 Apr 1919-New Jersey 17 Nov 1986-Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
Mary Abt 1916-New Jersey 24 Jul 2009-Pennsylvania

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