A Family History
A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.

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Given NameBornDied
Augusta Vera Abt 1900-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Annie G. 1863-Washington DC 30 Mar 1909-District of Columbia, United States
Edith Wilder 1928- 1997-
Edward C. 1861-Washington DC 11 Jun 1906-District of Columbia, United States
James Arran 4 Jul 1865-Washington DC 8 May 1930-Virginia
Katherine 1855-Washington DC  
Margaret C. 1859-Washington DC Aft 1910-
Maria Frances 1856- 25 Aug 1857-District of Columbia, United States
Marshall Garrett Oct 1897- Feb 1898-
Martha Elmendorf 25 Dec 1889- 17 Jan 1890-
Rachel (Susan) 19 Oct 1921- 7 Aug 2005-Dyersburg Tennessee
Stuart Wilder 18 Mar 1892-Johnson City Tennessee 25 Aug 1922-Sullivan County Tennessee
Stuart Wilder 11 Aug 1918-Knoxville Tennesssee 25 Jun 1993-Tennessee
Thomas Delany 24 Aug 1894-Roane Mountain Tennessee Feb 1979-Delaware County Pennsylvania
Thomas F. 1828-Ireland 10 Aug 1899-Washington DC
Thomas O. 5 Mar 1930-Pennsylvania  


Given NameBornDied
Mary 1895-Missouri  


Given NameBornDied
J. 1808-Pennsylvania Bet 1870 and 1880-
Louella 1868-Illinois  


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Eliza Ann    


Given NameBornDied
James R. 1864-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Elizabeth Abt 1793- Aft 1868-


Given NameBornDied
Edward J. Abt 1891-  


Given NameBornDied
Claude Robert 1 Aug 1913- 25 Jan 1988-
Melvin 20 Aug 1922- 13 Apr 1999-


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
John F.    


Given NameBornDied
Arena Bell 27 Jul 1865-Benton County Tennessee 26 Oct 1933-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Harriet Lou 21 Dec 1868-Tennessee 14 Feb 1946-Huntingdon Tennessee
Julie Ann 11 Jan 1856-Tennessee 14 Nov 1930-Benton County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Joseph 1817- 31 Aug 1890-


Given NameBornDied
John B. Abt 1832-Tennessee  
Levion Abt 1857-Tennessee  
Martha Abt 1859-Tennessee  
William A. 11 Aug 1834-Tennessee 31 Oct 1918-Cass County Missouri


Given NameBornDied
Addie 1879-Tennessee 1968-
Edward 1862-Tennessee  
Endora Apr 1870-Tennessee  
F. 1873-Tennessee  
George 1868-Tennessee  
Herbert A. 7 Nov 1880-Benton County Tennessee 14 Dec 1948-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee
James Sep 1860-Tennessee  
James B. 22 Dec 1812-North Carolina 16 Apr 1881-
Verlie M. 3 Mar 1889-Tennessee 27 Aug 1973-Carroll County Tennessee
William 1864-Tennessee  
William Abt 1787-North Carolina Aft 1860-
William Thomas 1838-Tennessee Abt 1874-


Given NameBornDied
Daniel Abt 1939-New Jersey  
Daniel J. 1918- 1966-


Given NameBornDied
Martha Jewell 1899-Tennessee 5 Jan 1988-Huntingdon Tennessee
Riley M. 7 Nov 1856- 6 Mar 1900-


Given NameBornDied
Cynthia A. 1814-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
William D. 22 Jun 1864-Missouri 17 Feb 1938-


Given NameBornDied
Margarett Elizabeth Abt 1832-South Carolina Aft 1910-


Given NameBornDied
Della Abt 1886-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Marie Claire 19 Jan 1926-New Jersey  
Veronica 21 Jan 1923-New Jersey  
William F. Abt 1874-New York  
William R. 21 Jan 1923-New Jersey 22 Feb 1981-


Given NameBornDied
Jewell 21 Jul 1891-Tennessee 10 Oct 1971-


Given NameBornDied
Nancy 1825-Virginia 1861-1870-


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Charles Cletis 23 Sep 1888-Tennessee  
Eli Alexander 18 Dec 1850- 27 Dec 1878-
Fannie 1884-Tennessee  
Isaac Franklin Aug 1855-Carroll County Tennessee  
Louisa Abt 1875-Tennessee  
Luco 21 Feb 1873-Tennessee  
Martha Florence 8 Jun 1880-Carroll County Tennessee 19 Apr 1945-Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Ada 25 Dec 1869-Arkansas 18 Oct 1952-Alameda, California
John 9 Aug 1870-Arkansas 10 Jun 1888-
John B. Abt 1840- Aft 1880-


Given NameBornDied
Lena Velma 16 Mar 1889-Arkansas 21 Mar 1964-Lamar County Texas


Given NameBornDied
John Dec 1871-New Jersey  
Theresa Abt 1895-New Jersey 8 Mar 1956-New Jersey
William Thomas 24 Feb 1900-Bayonne, New Jersey  


Given NameBornDied
Arlie B. 12 Feb 1911-Tennessee 6 Dec 1988-Newport News, Virginia
Arville Orville 23 Jul 1897-Benton County Tennessee 23 Dec 1926-Benton County Tennessee
Cassie Abt 1867-Tennessee  
Cubb A. 23 Jul 1908- 22 Jun 2000-
Della Ann 1895-Tennessee 1923-CIovls, New Mexico
Docia 1863-Tennessee  
E. W.    
Harriet 1870-Tennessee  
Ida C. 1906-Tennessee  
James (Jasper) Ealon 27 Dec 1907-Benton County Tennessee  
James H. 1892-Tennessee  
James Robert Jan 1875-Tennessee Aft 1930-
Jessie P. 1893-Tennessee  
Lucinda 16 Jun 1885-Benton County Tennessee 22 Nov 1918-Obion County Tennessee
Martha E. 15 Apr 1868-Tennessee 18 Dec 1917-Benton County Tennessee
Mary S. 1879-Arkansas  
Minnie Adeline 1875-Benton County Tennessee 23 Apr 1952-Hardeman County Tennessee
Nancy Caroline 1869-Tennessee 3 Mar 1918-Carroll County Tennessee
Napoleon B. 2 Feb 1865-Benton County Tennessee 5 Feb 1940-Benton County Tennessee
Paralee 1864-Tennessee  
Pheby Abt 1868-Tennessee  
Pinkney Highly 10 Jul 1841-Tennessee 16 Mar 1917-Benton County Tennessee
Troy Wilford 2 Mar 1921-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee 15 Nov 1995-Los Angeles, California
Virginia Alice 23 Dec 1874-Tennessee 24 Mar 1942-Carroll County Tennessee
William G. 1903-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Mary 1794-New York 17 Feb 1882-Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Susan M. Abt 1816-North Carolina  


Given NameBornDied
Dorothy Abt 1910-Georgia  
Joel J. 31 Jul 1941-  
Sarah Abt 1802-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Promey Torrie Nov 1865-Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri 21 Jul 1920-Madison County Tennessee
Sarah Ann 1 Jan 1827-Jackson County Alabama 9 Mar 1904-Jackson County Alabama


Given NameBornDied
Audie R. 5 Oct 1906- 30 Sep 1974-


Given NameBornDied
Caroline Theresa    


Given NameBornDied
Allie G. Abt 1919-Tennessee  
Alonzo 1865-Tennessee Aft 1880-
Ardine 15 Aug 1864-Tennessee 31 Aug 1942-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Asa McD 22 Oct 1859-Benton County Tennessee 12 Jul 1934-Humphreys County Tennessee
Aulsy H. Abt 1850-Tennessee  
Benjamin 11 Jul 1792- 1869-
Carmeline Abt 1867-Tennessee  
Carney C. 3 Oct 1822-Chatham County North Carolina 14 Apr 1914-Benton County Tennessee
Celia 1854-Tennessee  
Chester Abt 1917-Tennessee  
Clementine Samantha 5 Nov 1833-  
Delinda L. Oct 1856-Tennessee 6 Sep 1911-Tennessee
Docia 1860-Tennessee 1896-Benton County Tennessee
Dorsey B. Thomas 20 Sep 1876-Tennessee 8 Sep 1956-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Duried Bellmont 7 Jun 1873-Tennessee 2 Jan 1931-Benton County Tennessee
Eddie Mai Abt 1907-Tennessee  
Edward (Ned) 2 Jun 1784- 1805-
Edward Read 25 Apr 1832-  
Elizabeth Valentine 8 Apr 1837-  
Ellen 17 Feb 1878-Benton County Tennessee 8 Feb 1963-McKenzie, Tennessee
Emiline Abt 1864-Tennessee  
Emily Caroline 23 Dec 1823-  
Esperan 23 Oct 1830-  
F. C.    
Finis Abt 1902-Tennessee  
Gilbert Abt 1913-Tennessee  
Gus Enloe 3 Dec 1892-Tennessee 25 Jan 1958-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Henry 1 Mar 1794- Aft 1843-
Henry G. 21 Mar 1870-Tennessee 7 Jan 1958-Tiptonville Lake County Tennessee
Hinton Hall 16 Aug 1821-North Carolina 25 Feb 1900-
Homer Jackson 29 Apr 1919-Benton County Tennessee 8 Apr 1983-
J. T. Jul 1870-Tennessee  
James Allen 20 Jul 1873-Humphreys County Tennessee 10 Aug 1941-Nashville Tennessee
James Hinton 23 Apr 1864-Tennessee 3 Sep 1950-Benton County Tennessee
James Reuben Abt 1825-North Carolina Abt 1902-
Jasper N. 22 Sep 1865-Tennessee 20 May 1931-Carroll County Tennessee
Jesse Abt 1904-Tennessee  
John K. 17 Mar 1875-Benton County Tennessee 7 Jul 1947-Benton County Tennessee
Leann 5 Jan 1872-Benton County Tennessee 28 Sep 1914-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Louellen Abt 1911-Tennessee  
Lucinda G. Abt 1866-Tennessee  
Lucy 24 Feb 1786- Aft 1843-
Lucy 1822- 11 Aug 1874-
Martha 1849-Tennessee  
Marvin C. Abt 1908-Tennessee  
Mary Elizabeth (Polly) 10 Oct 1847-Tennessee 18 Jul 1919-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Mary Jane 30 Mar 1826- 3 Dec 1916-Benton County Tennessee
Mary Jane Abt 1870-Tennessee  
Mary V. Abt 1869-Tennessee  
Maudy Belle Abt 1914-Tennessee  
Nancy 23 Jul 1954- 29 Dec 1978-Nashville Tennessee
Nancy Abt 1815-North Carolina Aft 1880-
Nancy J. Abt 1915-Tennessee  
Orville Abt 1924-Tennessee  
Paralee Abt 1853-Tennessee  
Penny 17 May 1835-  
Rachel L. 9 Mar 1876-Benton County Tennessee 13 Nov 1957-Benton County Tennessee
Reuben 24 May 1798- Bet 1870 and 1876-
Reuben 1845-Tennessee 1913-
Reuben 11 Jul 1755-North Carolina 11 Feb 1826-Chatham County North Carolina
Roduskia C. 3 Jun 1862- 1886-
Sarah 12 Feb 1790- Aft 1843-
Sarah Elizabeth Abt 1857-Tennessee  
Sarah G. (Sally) 15 Sep 1853-Benton County Tennessee 11 Apr 1928-Benton County Tennessee
Sarah Margrett 1817-North Carolina 3 Feb 1889-New Jersey
Sarah Meriah 6 Feb 1828-North Carolina  
Susan 1843-Tennessee  
Victoria 1868-Tennessee Aft 1880-
Victoria N. Abt 1861-Tennessee  
William Arzo 26 Aug 1892-Benton County Tennessee 1968-
William Clark Abt 1860-Tennessee  
William W. Abt 1852-Tennessee  
William Washington 26 Jun 1829-  
Winna Fredonia 25 Oct 1838-  


Given NameBornDied
America Bevie 15 Oct 1895-Tennessee 19 May 1943-Jonesboro Arkansas
Blanche Jennetta 8 Oct 1904-Tennessee 17 Oct 1970-
Charles Winfield 19 Oct 1903-Charleston, Missouri 5 Jan 1971-Los Angeles, California
George D. Apr 1900-Tennessee  
Hattie Beatrice 25 Jan 1907-Huntingdon Tennessee Aft 28 Apr 1951-
Millie J. 23 Mar 1898-Tennessee 31 Oct 1957-Bolivar Tennessee
Winfield Scott 24 Nov 1863-Tennessee 21 Mar 1930-


Given NameBornDied
Armita T. Abt 1863-Tennessee 23 Feb 1943-Faulkner County Arkansas
Ephfrain J. 20 Feb 1868-Carroll County Tennessee 9 Dec 1941-Carroll County Tennessee
Margaret Elizabeth Abt 1874-Canada 14 Aug 1951-Presque Isle, Aroostook, Maine
Mary 1834-Ireland 31 Jan 1896-
Mary Francis 1829-Tennessee 4 Jun 1919-Van Buren County, Arkansas
Virginia (Jennie) B. Abt 1875-Tennessee Aft 1940-


Given NameBornDied
Claire Lorraine 11 Apr 1920-Fall River, Massachusetts 12 Feb 2014-Port Orange, Volusia County, Florida
Edward Aloysius 29 Aug 1882-Fall River, Massachusetts 11 Apr 1947-Fall River, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Jean 1916-Massachusetts Aft 1950-
Frances 13 Mar 1904-Fall River, Massachusetts 12 Oct 1993-
Georgia Ann 31 Aug 1891-Tennessee 24 Aug 1983-Benton County Tennessee
John Patrick 1908- 1984-
Margret S. 27 Dec 1922- 29 Dec 2012-
Mary Eileen 8 Apr 1910- 18 Nov 1989-
Robert Lee 5 Jun 1925-Fall River, Massachusetts 1 Apr 1988-Volusia, Florida
Thomas E. Apr 1906-Fall River, Massachusetts 8 Nov 1907-Fall River, Massachusetts


Given NameBornDied
William Atlas 20 Apr 1871-Henry County Tennessee 21 May 1936-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Andy Abt 1914-Mississippi  
Estes Argen 3 Dec 1918-Tishomingo County Mississippi 18 Dec 2005-
Julia L. 11 Jan 1903- 24 Jul 1977-
Katie Abt 1907-Mississippi  
Kenny W. 18 Feb 1895-Mississippi 27 Jan 1958-
Laura L. 4 Aug 1901-Iuka Mississippi 26 Aug 1989-
Lonnie Clinton 19 Mar 1898-Mississippi Jan 1968-
Mitchell J. 1 Feb 1905- 23 Nov 1970-
Otha Abt 1912-Mississippi  
Tony Carrol 25 Jul 1899- 27 Jan 1978-
Vuner V. 6 Mar 1896- 28 Aug 1905-
William A. 30 Nov 1868-Mississippi 21 Nov 1932-


Given NameBornDied
Lucy Abt 1832-Tennessee  
Thomas Abt 1790-South Carolina Bet 1850 and 1860-


Given NameBornDied
Marie Doreen 19 Dec 1932-Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England 15 Oct 2014-Prattville Alabama


Given NameBornDied
Elias Abt 1823-Kentucky Bet 1860 and 1867-
Eliza Jane 31 Dec 1849-Illinois 23 Jan 1931-Eureka Springs Arkansas
Josephine Jan 1860-Illinois  
Lucinda Abt 1853-Illinois  
Mary Abt 1855-Illinois  
Nancy Abt 1857-Illinois  
Tabitha Abt 1847-Illinois  


Given NameBornDied
Samuel 1814-Pennsylvania 1889-
Sarah Ann (Sadie) 3 Jul 1858-Pennsylvania 25 Feb 1922-Flint Michigan


Given NameBornDied

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