A Family History
A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.

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Given NameBornDied
James Abt 1759-Virginia 28 Oct 1829-Upson County Georgia
James Washington Abt 1811-Georgia  
Jane Abt 1822-Georgia  
John Madison Abt 1815-Georgia  
Marshal Jackson Abt 1819-Georgia  
Martha Abt 1825-Georgia  
Mary Ann Abt 1817-Georgia  
Nancy Kissiah Abt 1789-Virginia Bet 1860 and 1870-
Samuel Hammons Abt 1821-Georgia  


Given NameBornDied
Lilly Mae 22 May 1896- 20 Jan 1953-


Given NameBornDied
Mary Amelia 1894-Kansas  


Given NameBornDied
Henry Gould Abt 1800-Connecticut 6 Apr 1884-New Jersey


Given NameBornDied
Elizabeth A. Abt 1836-Tennessee 20 May 1924-Chelan County, Washington


Given NameBornDied
William 1839-Tennessee Bet 1880 and 1900-


Given NameBornDied
Dora E. 8 Mar 1876-North Carolina 29 Jul 1963-Monterey, Putnam County, Tennessee


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Angeline 1849-Tennessee 5 Dec 1911-Benton County Tennessee
Charlie V. 12 May 1858-Benton County Tennessee 5 Jul 1943-Carroll County Tennessee
John Thomas 23 Sep 1881-Tennessee 13 Feb 1956-Carroll County Tennessee
Lowell Wayne    
Vinnie 1888-Tennessee 7 Feb 1975-Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Elizabeth 1843-Tennessee Aft 1890-
Martha (Patsy) Abt 1793- Aft 1850-


Given NameBornDied
Mollie F. 10 Mar 1877- 5 Nov 1964-


Given NameBornDied
Brazelia 8 Aug 1878-Benton County Tennessee 18 Jan 1924-Benton County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Frances M. 6 Apr 1921- 2 Dec 2007-


Given NameBornDied
Nancy A. Abt 1860-Missouri Bet 1884 and 1892-


Given NameBornDied
Cadwallader   1822-Marengo County Alabama


Given NameBornDied
Cullen W. Abt 1802-North Carolina Aft 1880-
Dilly Abt 1863-Tennessee  
Eliza Abt 1846-Tennessee  
Francis Abt 1853-Tennessee  
John Abt 1839-Indiana  
Mary Abt 1835-Indiana  
Rebecca Abt 1841-Indiana  
Sarah Abt 1836-Indiana  
William Abt 1838-Indiana  


Given NameBornDied
Allen 1 Sep 1869-Benton County Tennessee 28 Sep 1934-Holladay, Benton County Tennessee
Alvin 1 Jan 1876- 27 Jan 1942-
Anderson 1810-North Carolina Aft 1881-
Anderson Richard 7 Mar 1843-Benton County Tennessee 17 Dec 1927-Benton County Tennessee
Buster 3 Jul 1902-Benton County Tennessee 1962-
Cullen 1836-North Carolina Bet 1893 and 1900-
Earl L. 26 Feb 1919-Tennessee 29 Jan 1979-Benton County Tennessee
Ethel M.    
Eula 1905-Tennessee 1981-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee
Haskie 1910- Aft 1920-
Hazel 24 Jun 1906-Tennessee 3 Aug 1974-Benton County Tennessee
Henry C. 16 Dec 1844- 25 Oct 1892-
Howard 30 Oct 1877-Texas 21 Nov 1943-Knoxville Tennesssee
Lendell 12 May 1909-Benton County Tennessee 4 Sep 1962-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Lottie 1898- 1950-
Margaret Dell 7 Jan 1930-Camden, Benton County Tennessee  
Marilou 19 Jan 1889-Tennessee 30 Sep 1958-Lauderdale County Tennessee
Martha 1840-Tennessee 6 Feb 1905-Tennessee
Martin 23 Jan 1914-Benton County Tennessee 28 Jan 1969-Benton County Tennessee
Martin Luther 12 Feb 1886-Tennessee 22 Dec 1956-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Mary 1842-Tennessee Bet 1900 and 1910-
Mary Ann Aug 1873-Tennessee 1910-1920-
Mary Mabelene 17 Oct 1927- 17 Jul 2003-
Not Named Dec 1879-  
Pearl 26 Feb 1919-Tennessee 3 Aug 1995-Ohio
Sarah E. (Betty) 25 Jan 1880-Tennessee 24 Aug 1961-Benton County Tennessee
William Apr 1849-Tennessee Apr 1901-Benton County Tennessee

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