A Family History
A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.

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Given NameBornDied
Elizabeth 1822- 14 Jan 1881-Cook County Texas
Emily Dosha 8 Jul 1867-Humphreys County Tennessee 4 Nov 1928-Humphreys County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Charlotte 1874-Bennington, Bennington County, Vermont 1977-
Dexter May 1881-New York  
Fenton 8 Aug 1864-Hoosick Cemetery Hoosick, Rensselaer County, New York 10 Sep 1935-
Harriet Marie 1836-Hoosick Cemetery Hoosick, Rensselaer County, New York 28 Jan 1907-Bennington, Bennington County, Vermont
Jessie Aug 1884-New York  
Mary E. 20 Dec 1868-New York 27 Sep 1941-Mount Pocono, Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Randall Abt 1838-Hoosick, New York 19 Jan 1897-New York
Randall 11 May 1799- 17 Oct 1873-


Given NameBornDied
Alice Maria 5 Sep 1846-Pennsylvania 22 Sep 1922-Grasslake, Jackson County Michigan
Elizabeth 1856-Michigan  
George W. Jul 1854-Pennsylvania 25 Sep 1917-Blackman, Jackson County, Michigan
James 1818-England 1 Dec 1889-
James Norton 1860-Michigan 15 Oct 1937-Blackman, Jackson County, Michigan
Lillie F. 1864-Michigan  
Thomas N. 1853-Pennsylvania  


Given NameBornDied
Ida Abt 1872-Arkansas  
Lena Abt 1876-Arkansas  
Ora Abt 1875-Arkansas  
William G. Abt 1834-Georgia  


Given NameBornDied
Edmon Conward    
Martha 30 Oct 1880-Benton County Tennessee 30 Oct 1914-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Mary J.    
Savanah 25 Nov 1869-Benton County Tennessee 19 Feb 1944-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
W. C. (Scott) Abt 1848-Tennessee  
William B.    


Given NameBornDied
Eliza Ann (Lyda) 18 Jan 1858-North Carolina 27 Jul 1929-Haywood County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Alba Viola 26 Nov 1921-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee 7 Jan 1998-
Alma 13 Jun 1898-Lauderdale County Tennessee 29 May 1965-Memphis Tennessee
Amy L. Abt 1838-Tennessee  
Benjamin F. 17 Dec 1843-South Wales 20 Jan 1924-Jackson County Michigan
Benjamin F. 7 Dec 1869-Michigan 8 Jul 1939-Jackson County Michigan
Charles M. 22 Aug 1878-Michigan 17 Jun 1916-Blackman, Jackson County, Michigan
Clarence Ray 3 Apr 1926-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee 14 Apr 1991-
David G. 1872-Michigan  
Dorsie G. Jun 1887-Tennessee  
Elizabeth 1847-Tennessee  
Elmer E. 1877-Michigan  
Ervin Priest 15 Oct 1876-Carroll County Tennessee 17 May 1937-Greene county Missouri
Etheridge 1859-Tennessee  
Francis R. 1866-Michigan  
Frederick Leverty 13 Nov 1885-Jackson County, Michigan  
Henry C. Feb 1883-Tennessee  
Jackson A. 1825-North Carolina 1861-
James Arlie 11 Nov 1909-Tennessee 2 Oct 1983-Oak Ridge, Anderson County Tennessee
John C. 1845-Carroll County Tennessee 24 Feb 1912-Carroll County Tennessee
John Claiborne 8 Mar 1889-Carroll County Tennessee 10 Mar 1978-
John Claiborne 2 Dec 1923-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee Aft 1997-
John J. 4 Mar 1868-Michigan 24 Jun 1948-Blackman, Jackson County, Michigan
Lana May 1875-Michigan  
Lemith Elizabeth 24 Jul 1919-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee 3 Sep 2005-
Linda E. Feb 1885-Tennessee  
Louiza 1853-Tennessee 1897-
Loy R. 1934-Tennessee  
Lutty Apr 1880-Tennessee  
Marion Corbett 13 May 1855-Carroll County Tennessee 28 Jun 1935-Carroll County Tennessee
Martha Catherine 7 Jan 1850-Tennessee 1 Jun 1917-Carroll County Tennessee
Mary E. 8 Jun 1888-Michigan 30 Nov 1918-Jackson County Michigan
Mildred (Millie) Martin 27 Oct 1883-Michigan 25 Aug 1970-Dyersburg Tennessee
Nancy Ann 1836-North Carolina 23 May 1902-Tennessee
Nancy B. 1830-North Carolina Bet 1880 and 1900-
Nayola 1928-Tennessee  
Nettie Abt 1880-Illinois Aft 1950-
Robert Lee 15 Feb 1913-Buena Vista, Carroll County Tennessee 4 Dec 1997-
Ruby Thelma 26 Jul 1915-Westport, Carroll County Tennessee 12 Jun 2000-Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas
Ruth 1931-Tennessee  
Shirley 1936-Tennessee  
Thomas Marion 22 May 1878-Tennessee 25 Apr 1905-
Virginia Mae 1941-Tennessee  
Wallace C. 13 Apr 1917-Carroll County Tennessee 24 Sep 1992-Moab, Utah
William 1797-North Carolina  
William T. 1 Mar 1864-Jackson County Michigan 15 Oct 1939-Jackson County Michigan


Given NameBornDied
Alfred Young 28 Apr 1887-Benton County Tennessee 10 Aug 1971-
Alvin 27 Feb 1827- 16 Aug 1910-
Alvin B. 31 Jan 1864-Tennessee 10 Apr 1932-Carroll County Tennessee
Audie Furmon 19 Jan 1895-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 30 Nov 1970-Madison County Tennessee
Berry 1839- 8 Feb 1912-
Celia 1849-Tennessee  
Charlie Louis 5 Jan 1868-Tennessee 16 Feb 1955-Jackson, Madison County Tennessee
Effie Mar 1881-Tennessee  
Eliza 26 Sep 1858-Benton County Tennessee 18 Oct 1924-Benton County Tennessee
Green Harris 1 Oct 1869-Tennessee 11 Jan 1951-Bruceton, Tennessee
Henry 1840-Tennessee  
J. M. 1857-Tennessee  
J. W. 1860-Tennessee  
John 1838-Tennessee  
John Holloway 24 Dec 1881-Benton County Tennessee 21 May 1929-Benton County Tennessee
John Lloyd 26 Dec 1915-Benton County Tennessee  
Jonathan Wright 1815-North Carolina 1879-Tennessee
Jonathan Young 1 Apr 1853-Benton County Tennessee 3 Jul 1929-Benton County Tennessee
Lela Abt 1912-Tennessee  
Lennie E. Abt 1909-Tennessee  
Lewis Edward 15 Jan 1925-Carroll County Tennessee 14 Aug 1990-Alameda, California
Liilian Abt 1923-Tennessee  
Lindell 1912-Tennessee 9 Jul 1972-Benton County Tennessee
Lois 1921-Tennessee  
Lola P. Abt 1914-Tennessee  
Lottie Gay 1918-Tennessee  
Lottie M. Abt 1918-Tennessee  
Lucille 1923-Tennessee  
Lucy 1844-  
Ludie May 1914-Tennessee  
Lyman Dewain 12 Jul 1928-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 17 Aug 1961-Monteagle, Marion County, Tennessee
Martha 1842-Tennessee 15 Dec 1914-Benton County Tennessee
Martha 1834-  
Martha R. 1852-Tennessee  
Mary 12 Nov 1829-North Carolina 27 Sep 1921-Benton County Tennessee
Mary Adeline 1847-Tennessee  
Mary L. 1854-Tennessee  
Mazy 4 Jan 1823-North Carolina 15 Aug 1893-
Moses Abt 1795-North Carolina Bet 1843 and 1850-
Noah Alson 13 Aug 1892-Camden, Benton County Tennessee 31 Dec 1987-Benton County Tennessee
Pauline 1916-Tennessee 12 Nov 2004-Benton County Tennessee
Rebecca Ann 1846-Tennessee  
Rhoda 1836-  
Sarah C. Feb 1889-Tennessee  
Susan Ann (Susie) 12 Mar 1891-Tennessee 1 Dec 1969-
Susan E. 27 Apr 1834-Benton County Tennessee 13 Jul 1910-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Willard 1924-Tennessee  
William Oct 1894-Tennessee  
William C. 31 Aug 1857-Tennessee 1 Feb 1899-
William Luther 23 Dec 1905-Benton County Tennessee 20 Oct 1983-Portsmouth, Virginia
William Wright 7 Nov 1835- 11 Nov 1900-
Willie 1916-Tennessee  
Wrightman 1825-North Carolina  


Given NameBornDied
Almarinda 1836-Mississippi 1892-Mississippi
Nancy Clementine 29 May 1834- 21 May 1902-


Given NameBornDied
Fleetwood B. Dec 1900-Tennessee 30 Nov 1958-Mississippi
Isaac Newton 7 Jul 1861- 15 Dec 1929-
James M. Abt 1841-Tennessee  
John A. Abt 1846-Tennessee  
Kate 1904-Tennessee  
Manerva Margrett Ann 16 Jun 1844-Tennessee 29 Jan 1917-Carroll County Tennessee
Mary Vance 4 Jun 1910-Mississippi 25 Feb 1997-Mississippi
Monie D. Abt 1889-Tennessee 7 Jan 1935-Carroll County Tennessee
Moses Abt 1820-Kentucky  
Pauline 1899-Tennessee  
Thomas J. Abt 1848-Tennessee  

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