A Family History
A Collection of Genealogies of the Norwood and French Families That Settled in West Tennessee, Including Related Lines.

Lastest Additions and Updates


Given NameBornDied
Sue Alice 28 Jul 1931- 22 Nov 2004-Benton County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Arthur Roe 27 Dec 1896-Arkansas 1970-


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Ray Wallace 21 Jun 1909- 28 Jan 1994-


Given NameBornDied
Earl 23 Sep 1925- 1 Feb 2017-


Given NameBornDied
Delmar Lonnie 14 Jul 1884-Mississippi 8 Jan 1948-Pine Bluff Arkansas
Lona Arvilla 9 Jun 1886-Mississippi 23 Jul 1966-
Lottie Deverd 14 Jul 1879-Tishomingo County Mississippi 5 Jun 1944-
Oscar O. 15 May 1877-Mississippi 27 Jun 1953-
Otto (Arty) T. 17 Aug 1873-Mississippi 27 Jun 1952-
Sina U. 30 Jul 1871-Mississippi 24 Feb 1934-
William B. Mar 1849-Mississippi 16 Apr 1939-


Given NameBornDied
Albert H. Abt 1878-Tennessee  
Benjamin Abt 1841-Tennessee Bet 1900 and 1910-
Mary Lou (Mollie) 26 Mar 1880-Henry County Tennessee 16 Nov 1956-Camden, Benton County Tennessee
Nancy Ann 1 Apr 1880-Tennessee 3 Jun 1962-Carroll County Tennessee
William C. 5 Aug 1883-Tennessee 16 Mar 1920-Hollow Rock, Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Jennie 23 Jun 1872-Texas 8 May 1942-Hughes Springs, Texas
Margaret Belle 5 Aug 1858-Louisiana 27 Feb 1920-Hempstead County Arkansas


Given NameBornDied
Alanson 1803-New York Bet 1880 and 1900-
Alline 1904-Arkansas  
Dorris Christine 25 Jun 1915-Springdale Arkansas  
Edgar Alanson Jan 1869-Kansas 1919-
Edgar Roland 1898-Arkansas  
Edward Mar 1897-Arkansas  
Edwin 1902-Arkansas  
Elizabeth 1833-Ohio  
Ellen 1855-Ohio  
Fanny Lenore 1 Feb 1892-Springdale Arkansas  
Francis 1848-Ohio  
Grace 1852-Ohio  
Henry 1839-Ohio  
John 1835-Ohio  
Julia A. 1842-Ohio  
Margaret Louise 21 Jul 1912-Springdale Arkansas 9 Jan 1994-Dyersburg Tennessee
Oscar Horton 4 Dec 1893-Sringdale, Arkansas 8 Jun 1989-
S. R. 1873-Tennessee  
Sarah E. 1847-Ohio  
Theodore 1831-Ohio  
Urban Joel Abt 1845-Ohio 27 Sep 1925-Whittier California
Urban Joel 21 Mar 1910-Arkansas 24 Oct 1910-Arkansas
Vivian E. 14 Oct 1895-Springdale Arkansas  


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Elizabeth 1836-North Carolina 24 Dec 1897-Carroll County Tennessee
John Abt 1802-North Carolina 1879-Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Thomas M.    


Given NameBornDied
Mary Alice 3 Aug 1880-Tennessee 24 Apr 1928-Lauderdale County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Gaberilla (Kizzie) 11 May 1915- 21 Dec 2004-


Given NameBornDied
Edward Morris 23 Jul 1931- 24 Dec 1986-


Given NameBornDied
Edith Elizabeth (Bettie) 1841-Tennessee Bet 1900 and 1907-


Given NameBornDied
John D. 1849-Tennessee Bet 1880 and 1897-
Joseph W. 1875-Tennessee  
Littleton Ozre 10 May 1843-Tennessee 8 Jan 1928-Carroll County Tennessee
Martha E. 1870-Tennessee  
Nancy J. 1876-Tennessee  
Pearlie S. Apr 1887-Tennessee Bet 1908 and 1910-
Susan A. (Sudie) Nov 1878-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Daisy May 1903-  
Lorene 4 Aug 1909- 3 Oct 1978-


Given NameBornDied
Lee Alta 13 Aug 1920- 13 Jan 1998-


Given NameBornDied
Edna Francis 3 Dec 1872-Arkansas 10 Feb 1948-Mississippi


Given NameBornDied
Mary B. 26 Nov 1810-South Carolina 10 Dec 1890-
Paul Fletcher 1 Dec 1901-Itawamba, Mississippi  
Paul Fletcher 14 Oct 1925-Corinth, Mississippi 20 Dec 2003-


Given NameBornDied
Callie M. 30 Apr 1898-Carroll County Tennessee 1982-
David E. A. Abt 1860-Tennessee  
David R. 10 Dec 1811-North Carolina 11 Jun 1874-Carroll County Tennessee
Dollie E. 26 Feb 1882-Tennessee 2 Sep 1934-Carroll County Tennessee
Earnest M. 24 Aug 1873-Tennessee 5 Jan 1951-Trezevant Carroll County Tennessee
Elizabeth Julina 1831-Tennessee Aft 1890-
Emily E. Abt 1864-Tennessee  
Eva Davies 2 Sep 1906-Carroll County Tennessee 10 Jan 2000-Dickson County Tennessee
Hollie 21 Jul 1894-Tennessee 4 May 1918-Carroll County Tennessee
Iva Lillie 13 May 1892-Tennessee 26 Jul 1948-Vale Carroll County Tennessee
James 1924-Tennessee  
James D. R. 1844- Bet 1874 and 1890-
Jane 1829-  
John Culpepper 1836- 29 Aug 1864-Andersonville Prison Andersonville Georgia
John Culpepper 10 Dec 1861-Carroll County Tennessee 14 Oct 1945-Henry County Tennessee
L. T. 1917-Tennessee  
Leon Olivon 3 Nov 1896-Carroll County Tennessee 1 Jun 1972-Carroll County Tennessee
Louisa E. 1842- Bet 1887 and 1891-
Luna A.    
Mariah P. 11 Jul 1850- 23 Apr 1878-
Martha A. 27 Jul 1839- 13 Feb 1894-
Mary F. Nov 1838-Tennessee 13 Apr 1904-
Maxwell 1918-Tennessee  
Murrah 21 Apr 1892-Carroll County Tennessee 11 Mar 1990-Carroll County Tennessee
Nancy C. 6 Dec 1842-Carroll County Tennessee 26 May 1923-Henry County Tennessee
Nora Alpine 13 Dec 1869- 7 Apr 1923-Crockett County Tennessee
Sophia S. 5 Dec 1868-Tennessee 6 Sep 1952-West Port Tennessee
Sophie Aillen 12 Feb 1895-Carroll County Tennessee 24 Dec 1968-Carroll County Tennessee
Thomas L. 29 Jan 1848-Carroll County Tennessee 28 Jan 1929-Carroll County Tennessee
Thomas L. Abt 1866-Tennessee  
Warren 1921-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
George Abt 1846-England 7 Aug 1900-Taunton, Massachusetts
Margaret 30 Nov 1886-Fall River, Massachusetts Aft 1950-
Mary Jan 1880-Massachusetts 30 Jun 1880-Fall River, Massachusetts
Thomas F. Abt 1876-Fall River, Massachusetts  


Given NameBornDied
Albert Peyton Jan 1875-Tennessee 24 Oct 1955-Davidson County Tennessee
John M. 1844- 1913-
Lurinda B. 7 Feb 1876-Benton County Tennessee 17 Jan 1943-Carroll County Tennessee


Given NameBornDied


Given NameBornDied
Artie May 26 Jul 1892-Tennessee 24 May 1958-Huntingdon Tennessee
Carrie Chestine 10 Apr 1887-Carroll County Tennessee  
David Alfred 6 May 1859-Carroll County Tennessee 11 Apr 1941-Madison, Davidson County, Tennessee
Haywood 1854-Tennessee  
James M. 1847-Tennessee  
James W. 1826-North Carolina  
Nettie D. Sep 1881-Tennessee  
Roma Hardy 28 Jan 1883-Tennessee 26 Sep 1942-Hollow Rock, Carroll County Tennessee
Rufus Pool 23 Dec 1884-Hollow Rock, Carroll County Tennessee 13 Nov 1955-Contra Costa, California
Thomas Williamson 1849-Tennessee  
Wallace Hubert 24 Jul 1896-Tennessee 12 Sep 1918-France
Zackery 1856-Tennessee  


Given NameBornDied
Elmer M. (Buddy) 4 Dec 1927- 17 Jul 1988-Memphis Tennessee


Given NameBornDied
Thelma Ruth 4 Mar 1922-Port Huron, Michigan 2 Apr 2000-Port Huron, Michigan


Given NameBornDied
Amanda C. Abt 1828-Tennessee  
Andrew Abt 1813-Tennessee 25 Feb 1856-Tennessee
Cynthia Abt 1806-Tennessee Aft 1880-
Fanny M. 18 Mar 1844-Tennessee 15 Aug 1888-
Francis Abt 1800-Tennessee/Georgia  
Jane Caroline Abt 1817-Tennessee Aft 1880-
Robert 10 Aug 1773-North Carolina 22 Feb 1856-
Robert 1802-Tennessee 1840-1841-Giles County, Tennessee
Robert Landom    
Theophilus Abt 1805-Tennessee/Georgia  
William Henry 14 Mar 1852-Tennessee 28 Jul 1856-Tennessee

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